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Redefine Properties' 2016 Integrated Report receives praise

7th August 2017
Contributor: Redefine Properties

Redefine Properties was in the spotlight once again at the prestigious EY Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards 2017. Our Integrated Report for 2016 was ranked second, with honours, out of the top 100 JSE listed companies by market capitalisation.

The honours distinction is awarded to companies with high quality integrated reports which the adjudicators believe have come closest to complying with all the requirements of the Integrated Reporting Framework. Only 5 companies were awarded this special recognition.

The judges commended Redefine's 2016 Integrated Report for its crisp, concise and focused narrative detailing how a property company delivers sustained value to each of its stakeholders. The report was singled out for its focus on the value creation story. This overarching theme forms the bedrock of the report and outlines how our strategy contributes to the development and preservation of Redefine's six capitals (financial, social, relational, human, intellectual and natural).

The report reinforces our commitment to integrated thinking and provides longer-term context for our decisions while revealing the interconnectivity between the six capitals and how we manage the trade-offs between them.

We attach great importance to maintaining effective communication with our key stakeholders and winning the second place is most encouraging for us in our continued pursuit of excellence in integrated reporting. This is the third year in a row that Redefine Properties finds itself in the top-ten list of companies heralded for their excellence in integrated reporting.

In adjudicating, the expert jury also applauded the disclosure of Redefine's stakeholder relationships which includes an explanation of the quality of these relationships, the actual issues raised and the strategic response as well as the key risks and opportunities identified in the stakeholder engagement process.

This recognition bears testimony to our pursuit of being the best in everything we do and motivates us to continue improving on our stakeholder engagement processes.

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